Reinventing a Hometown Favorite

Shipping & Receiving is a venue unofficially etched in Fort Worth lore, perhaps best known as the place where now-superstar musician Leon Bridges launched his career. But when COVID-19 forced the Near Southside bar to shut down for good, many were left wondering what would become of the beloved space.

Enter Kyle Bryson and Wallace Owens — two-thirds of the Trident Restaurant Group that owns Wishbone & Flint and Parker County Ice House. Trident offices at 201 S. Calhoun St.,

the Supreme Golf Warehouse building that Shipping & Receiving used to call home.

Outside Trident, Bryson and Wallace also develop dive bars through their company, Two Crazy Fellas. When Shipping & Receiving vacated its space, the duo decided to move in a new concept — Distribution Bar. 

Bryson says Distribution Bar will be a separate venture outside of Trident, taking on a more laid-back, dive bar feel in contrast to the Amber Room at Wishbone & Flynt. There won't be any food — just craft beer, cocktails, pool tables, and TVs playing sports.

"It's just going to be your local watering hole ... just a cool, chill, inexpensive place to catch a cocktail," Bryson says.

Distribution Bar will keep the outdoor courtyard and share it with The Social Space, a new event venue next door. 

Bryson says, they're keeping the stage, with plans to continue hosting live music — and, hopefully, some familiar, famous faces.

"The piano [Bridges] used to play on in there, I kept and bought so that piano's going to be a part of our decor," Bryson says. "He told me he's going to make himself one of my regulars."

-Samantha Calimbahin

Ft. Worth Magazine